Introducing Lasthome

Introducing Lasthome


Three years back, I landed in London, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The city buzzed with life, but finding my corner in this maze was a challenge. Picture this: me, a newbie in town, trying to weave through the labyrinth of neighborhoods, weighing up crime stats and bus routes.

Rightmove, Zoopla, Openrent...

Phase 1 - The Birth of Laziness

I was knee-deep in property listings, juggling Citymapper, Google Maps, and endless debates about safety. But let's be honest, I got lazy. Who wouldn't? Diving into these life-changing details was exhausting. So, I did what any self-respecting tech lover would do – I built a nifty little tool that brought all this info onto one screen. Magic!

Phase 2 - The Hunger for More

My journey didn't stop at finding a place to call home. I dived into the world of Deliveroo, scouted for the best eats, and played with AI to summarize and compare options. And for my buddy? I was on a mission to find the perfect school in the perfect catchment area.

Phase 3 - The Perfectionist's Touch

Here's a fun fact: my current place is a stone's throw from Asda – 25 meters to be exact. But, thanks to a lack of direct paths, it's a 20-minute trek! That's when I upped my game. I developed an algorithm that doesn't just measure distance as the crow flies. It finds the real walking paths to your points of interest. Pretty neat, right?

Phase 4 - The Dreamer's Vision

Then, a wild idea hit me. What if my tool could take my preferences and spit out the perfect real estate listings? After some serious coding marathons, voilà! We could analyze options from 14 different sites, finding homes near top-notch schools, convenient for work, and in foodie heavens. Sadly, copyright issues put a damper on this feature. But hey, maybe one day we'll partner up with platforms that dig tech as much as we do.

Phase 5 - The Independence Saga

Years of dabbling in navigation tech led to the ultimate creation: a project with zero reliance on pricey, ready-made data.

And now, the big reveal: I'm throwing open the doors to this project for everyone. If you're up for being a test pilot on this home-finding adventure, give me a shout!