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The results of the Turkish presidential elections have concluded and the turbulence that followed has settled. I would like to share a project that we developed during this period.


In the first round of the election, we launched a mini-project due to the queues exceeding 4 hours. In the second round, the waiting times exceeding 4 hours were reduced to approximately 3 - 5 minutes. It was delightful to see people checking the status of the queues not by standing in long lines, but from the nearby coffee shops on their screens. This isn't a value measured with exact data, and of course, the fact that there were only 2 candidates in the second round was a significant factor. In technical terms, the second-round ballot was a true/false (boolean).

We have received strong interest to implement the same system from approximately 20 different countries. Some of these inquiries were about sharing as open source. We might consider sharing this project as open source for future elections.

Technologies: Cloudflare Pages, Cloudflare Workers, NuxtJs, Redis